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The Thunderhand

Gariot's special squad consists of the most loyal and faithful dwarves. Each can be trusted as yourself. Each is ready to give his life to save the king and the kingdom. For the first time, it was assembled for the campaign against the insolent hummies and showed itself very well. Not a single dwarf died in that campaign, but many enemies were killed. Due to that, a brilliant victory was won and the frontiers were quiet again. Since then, it has become customary that only the bravest and most skilled fighters are accepted into this unit. This is a great honour for every warrior. To join the squad, you need to perform many great feats.

If a warrior has the opportunity to join the ranks of Thunderhand, he must undergo a rite of passage. During this ritual, he renounces his family and friends, and all ties with them. Now Thunderhand is his family, and the dwarf King is a loving and strict father. The dwarf must swear that he will faithfully serve his ruler, never disobey and never fear to die for him.

After the ceremony, Gariot Silverbeard himself gives a special insignia to the warrior — Erd, which should always be carried with him.

If a Thunderhand member deems another dwarf more worthy of wearing the insignia, he is allowed to give him his Erd. From that moment, he ceases to be a member of Thunderhand, but remains in history as a dwarf who was not proud of himself but found a more worthy member of Thunderhand. Everyone knows that initially only the most worthy are selected for the Thunderhand, therefore there’s no fear that someone might pass the insignia to someone unworthy.

In addition to the insignia, each member of the Thinderhand is entitled to a salary, which is paid every day.

Thunderhand cannot consist of more than 1,000 valiant warriors.