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A player may hire a mercenary to pass effectively through the different levels in the Chasm.

Mercenaries have the same rank as the player: from Newbie to Baron. In order to unlock the possibility of hiring a mercenary, a player first needs to find a mercenary card in the Chasm which can be given from drops (with a certain probability). A player of any rank can find a card, but in order to be able to use a mercenary card, a player needs to have reached the rank of Adventurer or above. When a player is of this rank, the slot under mercenary will become unblocked. Guardians and Chieftains have one slot for mercenaries each, Warlords have two slots and Barons have three.

For example, if a player descends into the Chasm and finds a Hummie Porter card, then the possibility to take such a mercenary with him will become unlocked. On another trip a player finds a card for Barrett the Lost. In this case, the player will have the opportunity to activate two different mercenaries. If a card for some mercenary simply does not want to drop in the Chasm, then it can be bought at auction. You can also sell cards for unwanted mercenaries at auction. The cards are stored in a player's inventory until he is of a sufficient rank to unlock them.

If you have collected a few cards of the same mercenary with the same level, you have the possibility of merging three identical cards, and thus unlocking a mercenary who is of a higher level. For example, merging three Level one Hummies will give you a Level two Hummie. 

A Hummie Porter is a typical hard-worker, ready to move anything anywhere. They don’t make the best warriors, but their silent presence during trips down the Chasm adds something. Not sure what, but it adds something :)

Bor Three Sips is a dwarf who is responsible for starting the tradition that all drinks are measured in sips. He is the one who actually invented the word. Why three sips? Because this was the exact amount which he needed to get into and stay in a happy-tipsy state until the morning.

Vorwund is the best mercenary in the whole kingdom. You won’t find others like him. He is not only of an immaculate physique, but he knows how to use an axe incredibly well. Much to the envy of others. Vorwund is also far from stupid and it is incredibly hard to catch him off guard.