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Multiplayer (Forbidden Vaults Arena Den)

One day one of the dwarf clans broke off from the others and set off to the mountains and settled down in new found palaces locked away underground. The local dwarfs loved to smoke Shuri powder in order to possess the minds of other beings and control them. At first, it was just a bit of fun, but over time they got bored of just the mere subjugation of others and they created an arena. Here you can possess the mind of one of your mercenaries and cross swords with others who are in search of the same experience. In most places in Eridan, Shuri powder is forbidden, but not here. Therefore, in the Forbidden Vaults Arena you can meet dwarfs of all clans, as well as elves and other creatures who have become inclined to hide their faces behind a robe. There is no better place than the arena to put bets on fighters! Some leave with heavy bags of gold, while others say farewell to their heads near the exit of the Forbidden Vaults. But, year after year the arena attracts more and more enthusiasts who are hungry to show their strength or earn some easy cash.

Every player has the ability to test their strength in the arena. Once more, you won’t have to get smacked across the face yourself thanks to the Shuri powder which allows you to possess the mind of other beings and control them. The mercenaries will get all the bruises, and not you. You can take up to three mercenaries to any given fight.

There are two ways to take part: one on one with an opponent, or together with different fighters to fight a monster, caught deep in the heart of the Chasm or the forests. 

Sweepstakes take place in the arena where you can bet on any warrior and, depending on the outcome,  lose or win money.