Table of contents

Item’s degree of rarity

Common, rare, unique, epic, legendary, divine. 

Divine items are the rarest. The less an object is seen, the higher its characteristics and value, thus, there is less of a chance that it will drop in the Chasm.

Items can be obtained by going down the Chasm. The further down you go, the higher the chance that you will pick up a rare object. Objects can also be bought at auction or as part of a pack. 

Important! Any item of a player's outfit which is of the level legendary or divine can be used in three ways.

1. Make the character wear the item and receive increased character parameters. This will make it easier to progress through the levels in the Chasm and get more valuables respectively. However, such items have a limited spiritual entity. Once they have come into contact with their owner, they will never accept a new one. In order to put on such an item, the old one needs to be destroyed. Think carefully before putting such an item on your character. It may be better to sell it at auction.

2. Sell it at auction for gold

3. Turn it into NFT