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The Auction House is a building where a player can buy or sell various items. All operations are carried out via betting. If a player is interested in a product put for auction, then he must place a bet with gold, and, if no one outbids the player, then the product goes to the player. Here a player can put items in his possession up for sale. In order to do this, the player needs to name a starting price, the length of the auction, and, after a successful sale, the gold will be credited into the player's account.

A player can put up for auction: outfits, pets, plots of land, consumables, ingredients, and any mercenary card.

The base price of a product depends on its type and quality which is determined automatically according to state practices.

If no bid has been placed, the length of an auction is 48 hours. At the end of this period, the lot is continuously re-auctioned until it is sold. If the bid is made 5 minutes before the end of an auction, then the auction is extended for a further 5 minutes. If no one outbids the current bid, then the bid wins and the item will go to the player who made the bid.

The amount received by the player from the sale of the lot is subject to tax. The amount of this tax is determined by the state.

The item will be given to the winning player within 15 minutes after the auction.

The state also occasionally puts lots up for auction. These are licences for plots of land.