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Eridan world metaverse

Dwarven Metaverse Game where dwarfs fight an ancient awakened evil and filling their deep pockets with gold. And brings fame and fortune to their Web3 holders.

Eridan is a new fantasy world where dwarfs, elfs, and goblins stand shoulder to shoulder against an awakened ancient evil. Inspired by Lord of the Rings, Forgotten Realms, World of Warcraft and popular card games like Gwent, Hearthstone and Magic the Gathering, we've created an Eridan metaverse where every player matters.

  • NFTs are closely interwoven into the game mechanics. Mint the #eridandwarfs gang. Destroy all in your path. Save King. Gain fame and fortune.
  • Global storyline and economy calculated 28 years in advance.
  • Global events where players can influence the development of the storyline.
  • The Chasm - an endless way to profit. The deeper, the more dangerous, profitable and interesting.
  • Owning fields and forests, mansions, alchemical laboratories and other businesses, and even villages, towns and their own armies, are all available to the player and bring in profits. Every day.
  • The ability to add new content (monsters, plants, animals, adventures) to Eridan for each player and receive a generous reward.
  • There are 6 races in Eridan and almost all of them have clans with their own unique features
  • Eridan has carefully designed geography, flora and fauna of the world

Eridan puts the player outside the box. Hunt, own buildings, produce resources and master professions, as in classic fantasy games, but constantly earning tokens.

Except activities, events, tournaments the game offers players NFT, Loot boxes, Eri token in-game and various prizes.

To ensure proper development and prosperity, the wise dwarves created a system for the collection and distribution of funds. This means that the poor can always get a slice of pie and the rich can increase their wealth.