Table of contents

Gameplay model

After logging in, the player is shown the dashboard. Here he can see events which have taken place since they was last logged in.


The player can then move on his possessions and collect the ingredients which have now matured. 

For example:

The player can sell these items upon visiting the tavern. The player can also buy items which he lacks for the continuing operation of his buildings or for trips into the Chasm.

Before descending into the Chasm it is worth checking the availability of consumables, such as elixirs, cakes, torches and water, as well as their size, and also checking the possibility of taking a mercenary along with you. If you are satisfied with everything, then you can start your descent, but if you are lacking something, then it is worth visiting the goblin tavern where you can acquire any consumables in order to replenish your reserves and activate mercenaries

For example:

  • Bought:
  • 1 cake;
  • 1 elixir;
  • 1 torch, in addition to the 2 which the player already acquires;
  • 6 spicy herbs.
  • Paid with several gold coins;
  • Activated a mercenary card.

After the sale and being sure of his abilities, the player descends into the Chasm. On every level of the Chasm the player engages in a battle. Before descending you can check your readiness for battle: what items a player currently has on him and the status of his parameters.

For example:

  • The character has 8 HP and 4 Damage, thanks to their rank and the clothes which they are wearing
  • An extra 2 HP and 1 Damage, thanks to the mercenary which the player took with him
  • In the rucksack, there are 4 cakes, 2 elixirs, 3 torches and 2 units of water. Everything that is needed for a fruitful trip. 

Having checked his parameters, the player then presses the button to descend down into the Chasm. A mass of events is then triggered in the Chasm. The player can follow these in the events feed or exit to get on with his duties.

Upon returning, the player will see an event report of his trip:

Level 1

You were lucky. There’s no one and nothing here.

Only a couple of empty 

Chests. No luck.

The following were used on the trip: 1 torch and 1 cake. The current HP — 10.

Remaining consumables: 3 cakes, 2 elixirs, 2 torches, 2 units of water. 

Level 2 

You noticed a mob of skeletons. The battle was fierce but short-lived. Victory

was yours. 

You took a damage of 4 HP. You dealt 3 damage units.

The following were used on the trip: 1 torch, 1 cake and 1 elixir. HP restored 

thanks to elixirs — 2 HP. Your loot: +0.7 gold. The current HP — 8.

Remaining consumables: 2 cakes, 1 elixir, 1 torch, 2 units of water. 

Level 3

You fell into a trap. You took a damage of 2 HP. Next to the trap you found the 

body of a rotting Hummy. After searching it, you found some gold.

The following were used on the trip: 1 torch, 1 cake and 1 elixir. Restored HP

thanks to the use of an elixir — 2 HP. Your loot: +0.1 gold.The current HP — 8.

Remaining consumables: 1 cake and 2 units of water. 

Level 4

You ran out of torches. Because of this, the character received a debuff to his 

to his base attack. Its value became 3.

You ran out of food, which caused your base health to decrease by 2 HP. But, 

you had water, which weakened the hunger debuff to only 1 HP.

You met a big goblin, who you managed to defeat, even if with difficulty. After 

examining his body, you found a big hatchet.

You took a damage of 5 HP. You dealt 7 damage units.

The following were used on the trip: 1 unit of water. Your loot: +1.51 gold and 

a big hatchet. The current HP — 2.

Remaining consumables: 1 unit of water. 

Level 5

At the entrance to the level, you were attacked by a pack of cave rodents. You

tried to fight them off, but, after losing 2 HP, your character was forced to 

retreat and rise to the surface.


During the descent the following items were used: 4 cakes, 2 elixirs, 3 torches and 1 unit of water.

Your loot: 2.31 gold and a big hatchet.

The trip is over and now the player has new outfit items in his inventory. 

He can put them on the character or sell them at auction.