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While playing the game you will need consumable items:

elixirs, cakes, water, torches.

Elixirs and cakes are available to buy in the goblin tavern or they can be created in a  player's own buildings. Buildings for the creation of consumables come in three different quality levels, which affect  on their properties.

Water is needed to produce elixirs and cakes. It can also be used when a player is in the Chasm if all his food has been used up and he starts to receive a debuff from hunger. The water will not completely get rid of the debuff, but it will help to lower its effect. Water can be replenished in the city well by filling up a flask or wineskin. The former can hold a greater amount of water. Furthermore, both flasks and wineskins can be of different sizes depending on their quality. They can be bought in the tavern.

Torches can be bought in the goblin tavern. They are needed for trips to the Chasm. A torch is needed for each level to light up the surroundings. If a torch dies out then the player can still continue their journey, but a debuff effect will be applied to the player due to the poor lighting.