Table of contents

Fort defending, hummies raides and resource gathering

Every day a character can choose an activity to their liking which lasts for 8 hours. During the space of a day it is possible to do two different activities or the same one twice. For the remaining 8 hours the character is sleeping.

The defence of the fort from hordes of the undead which trickle out of the Chasm. For the help in protecting the state lands, the character will receive some gold. In addition, it is possible to receive a huge appreciation from the head of staff if he notices your presence in the ranks. And if he didn’t notice, then… it still counts as karma.

If wielding a sword doesn’t really fit in with a character's plans, then he can go hummie catching. Even though these freaks are stupid, they are very agile. If you have good dexterity and a fair amount of luck, then it’s possible to catch them. The caught hummies can be sent in order to automise production on plots of land or can be sold.

You can also go for walks in the local woods and fields in search of useful materials. If the local inhabitants didn’t manage to extract everything by themselves, then the character can collect and keep the resources which he comes across and then use them to make consumables or sell.