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The Chasm

In the Chasm you will encounter monsters with differing characteristics. The monster you encounter will depend on the level you are on and also simply on the occasion itself. All battles take place step by step automatically. All actions also take place automatically including the use of consumables which a character has taken with him. Progress and battles in the Chasm will take place as long as the character has health points — HP.

If a character's HP is above zero, then the player's instructions will take place automatically after each completed stage (level in the Chasm):

  • Healing using elixirs (different elixirs restore different levels of HP. The level of an elixir depends on the level of the alchemical laboratory in which it was made);
  • Strengthening (by eating a certain amount of food or by drinking water);
  • Replacing old torches with new ones;
  • Descending down into a new level in the Chasm.

When a character's HP reaches 0 or lower, then the trip is completed and a box appears with the results of the battle: how many consumables were used, how many levels were passed, what loot was taken.

Gold and outfit items of different levels can be dropped in the Chasm from battles. The lower you descend, the higher the chances of a rare item being dropped.

Fighting a battle may lead to effects that have an impact on the current parameters of a character. These effects can both increase or decrease the base performance of a player. Buffs are effects which improve a character's parameters. Debuffs are effects which lower a character's parameters.

Debuff examples:

  • If there is a lack of torches on a level then the parameters for the base attack level are decreased. However, if a character has a pet with him (Tibald), then the power of the debuff is reduced.
  • If a character does not have any cakes, then the parameters for the base health level are reduced. However, if a player has water with him then the effect of the debuff may be decreased. 

Buff examples:

  • The presence of a Ilgakura (pet) will increase the base health level
  • The presence of a Onuna (pet) will add a bonus to the base power of attack.