Table of contents

Public buildings 

The Tavern is a building, built by entrepreneurial goblins. Here anyone who has a few coins in their pocket can obtain, for a fair price, elixirs, cakes and torches. Everything that a player needs if he plans to try his luck in the Chasm. Here, mercenaries can also be enlisted to help (if the player has an appropriate card).  

Water reserves can be replenished using the well, which will further be needed to create elixirs and cakes. If a player runs out of cakes while in the Chasm, then water can help the player last longer. However, you should think about the best way to use it in the Chasm, or on forging items. We believe in the responsible use of Eridan's water resources.

Rowdy auctions take place here where any potential buyer makes a bet on a desirable lot, trying to shout over his opposing bidder.