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Flora and Fauna of Eridan

Within the huge trunks of the Boruluni, if you are really lucky, it is possible to meet a tree-like creature about three dwarfs tall; an Ankoret. It is the result of a magical experiment which was undertaken by the Orcs. Hoping to create aides who don’t complain and don’t need to be fed, they brewed a magic elixir and watered the ground next to the nearby trees. At first it seemed that their experiment had paid off. The wooden structures turned into helpers and started to do all the dirty work, without muttering a single word. However, living with the orcs, who often debated various philosophical, magical, as well as other topics, the Ankorets started to acquire intellect. One day they realised the position they were in and set off to the star-striking wood. Hardly anyone has seen them since. 

In the north grow gigantic trees with sprawling crowns. So big in fact that it seems that they are touching the stars. It is because of this that they were nicknamed the star-striking Boruluni. Their wood is incredibly tough. So tough that it is very hard to process. The wood also glows in the dark. But, why are goods made from them so highly valued and rare? Well, to get to the wood, you need to cut through the bark and this is quite the task. The leaves of the tree can be used in the production of a variety of Elixirs. These are used by the higher orcs and they are willing to pay dearly for the leaves of the Boruluni.

In the East, a very dangerous yet bizarre plant can be found — the Hargrak. It looks like a fairly normal tree stump with roots scattered around it, but, if you sit down on it to relax after a long journey, then your path will end there. The roots surrounding the stump will immediately close in on the victim and will contract until they form a tight cocoon. Inside the cocoon, small sword-like twigs will start to hack away at the victim, turning him into mince meat. After this, the Hargrak itself will appear from under the ground and it becomes clear that the tree stump is simply a bait and the plant itself lies underground. It doesn’t have any eyes, or a nose and the mouth itself can hardly be considered to be a mouth. Rather it is a large gaping hole within the wood flesh, into which Hargrak shoves the meat formed inside the cocoon. Afterwards, he sinks back down into the ground, spreading the roots of the stump on top of his head, which is then once again followed by silence and tranquillity in the wood.

In the South grows a beautiful tree about five dwarfs tall — the Ogami. The bark of the Ogami is copper-coloured and a dwarf can easily wrap itself up in one of its leaves. The Ogami’s leaves grow mainly on the top of the tree. Nuts grow on its trunk, equivalent in size to a dwarf’s fist. They are covered in scales and are incredibly solid. Inside the nuts is a syrupy-sweet and spicy liquid which a few elves use for making exquisite wines. However, it isn’t easy to get them. If you get too close to the tree, poisoned needles will fly from it. After being hit, the poison will start to spread around the body and paralyse the victim. After this, the victim is then attacked by small insects called Rokons which live on the Ogami. With their sharp teeth, they gnaw a path into the victim and it becomes practically impossible to escape. However, if you manage to fight off all the attacks, then you can get the incredibly precious Ogami nuts. The Ogami and the Rokons have a mutual relationship. The tree receives extra protection and the insects are able to feed themselves.

Rokons are small insects the size of a dwarf’s fingernail with a chitinous deep purple back. They have extremely sharp teeth and claws. They feed on the flesh of the victims of the plants on which they live. If you manage to catch them, you can crush them with your finger.

An illgecker is a highland animal of a very stubborn nature. They have massive horns which they ably use in battles both as a weapon and as armour. Due to the fact that they can rotate their horns, they are able to reach the most inaccessible of places in search of safety or food. They feed on grass. They look upon other creatures with caution, and, if they are driven into a corner, they are known to attack; however, they try to avoid fighting in every possible way.

A Tibald is an ancient bird whose wingspan is similar in size to that of the Gobla. Not only does it have incredibly sharp vision, but it also has a twilight vision which allows it to see very well in the dark. Tibalds are able to communicate with their peers telepathically. Some of them are so wise that they have managed to find a common language with some of the elves. All elves, who have managed to communicate with them, have learnt of secrets because of which they have left society to live in solitude in the West.

An Onun is a three-headed beast from the northern woods. It is a result of a magical experiment whose origin is unknown. No-one will admit that they took part in its creation. It is a dangerous creature with sharp teeth and claws. It is capable of tearing any piece of armour to shreds. It has a woollen hide of a deep-black colour, two rows of snow-white teeth and milky-white eyes. This is what those who inadvertently walks into its territory will see in their last few seconds of life.