Table of contents

Land and Buildings

There are two main types of real estate: rural plots and buildings. 

Rural plots consist of woods and fields where Spicy herbs and Sweet grain are grown. After collecting these ingredients, a player can either sell them or create other items in the corresponding city building for each ingredient.

It is also worth noting a special type of rural plot; a mine. While the mine is in an owner's possession, the owner can constantly mine gold. The owner can improve the mine in order to extract more gold. There are 4 possible levels of mine improvement. 

Buildings. There are two types of building: an alchemical laboratory and a runic bakery. Elixirs are made in alchemical laboratories, while cakes are made in bakeries. In order to create elixirs, spicy herbs and water are required, while water and sweet grain are needed for cakes. Building can also be used as a personal mansion.

In order to possess one of these buildings, it is first necessary to obtain a state licence either by purchasing it at auction, or by using another way. It is then necessary to survey the licence so that the type of land can be known. If it is a rural plot, then you can immediately start collecting resources and/or improve the plot by enriching and fertilising it. If it is a building, then you can either build an alchemical laboratory, a runic bakery, or turn the plot into a mansion, which can also be upgraded. If you later decide to sell the building, then it will be sold alongside your improvements to it, as well as all the Hummies that were working there. 

Rarity of types of land: Fields — 45%, Wood — 45%, Buildings — 8%, Mines — 2%

All buildings have three levels (Excluding the mine) and (depending on the level of a given building) will have different productivity and spatial parameters which will affect the player's power level and the number of payments he receives from applicable funds. 

Gold and various resources will be required in order to improve buildings and plots.